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Thumbnail of Complete LF AMP -- Details
Titel: Complete LF AMP -- Details Artist: ph3-der-loewe Views: 13568
Posted: Sun Aug 19 21:10:58 2012 (GMT) Comments: 0
More detailed picture of my LF AMP.
Thumbnail of Complete LF AMP -- Overview
Titel: Complete LF AMP -- Overview Artist: ph3-der-loewe Views: 14180
Posted: Sun Aug 19 21:08:00 2012 (GMT) Comments: 0
An overview picture of the complete LF Amp.
Thumbnail of NF Amp, 700mW
Titel: NF Amp, 700mW Artist: ph3-der-loewe Views: 14138
Posted: Sun Aug 19 15:14:56 2012 (GMT) Comments: 2
A small NF Amp I just build. Output max power is 700mW.
Thumbnail of Widerstand ist zweckvoll
Titel: Widerstand ist zweckvoll Artist: ph3-der-loewe Views: 14094
Posted: Fri Aug 17 09:33:19 2012 (GMT) Comments: 0
Widerstand ist definitiv zweckvoll.
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